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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Neocronic View Profile View Posts. I test Ishi in right formation and with right buffs she have insane single target dps.


I one shot most bosses, even ranged bosses, who not work with Strix poor aura. But for advancing i still use Strix because AoE. She have slot 1 and slot 3 epics. Or for me better option save money for Birdsong gear in future? Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. Now Strix and Birdsong rule maybe still not always? Last edited by Soul Reaver ; 22 Aug, am.

Against normal mobs, Strix is the best. Against armoured mobs, Ishi and Birdsong do roughly the same damage assuming equal gear and they both attack three times.

If you've already got a geared up Birdsong and you're worried about wasting real money, it's probably not worth going crazy on buying chests for Ishi.

How to Play Guide for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

However, Ishi is the absolute best at buffing gold find by a huge margin. Ishi has taken over from Birdsong as my second damage slot champion, because they do about the same damage and raking in tons of gold means I can level up my champions faster. If you chug potions as well, the increased gold you get is just stupidly awesome.

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All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.This Idle Heroes Tier List contains all of the most important information regarding to the best Heroes in the game for you, helping you build the best possible teams that beats the meta game.

This Tier List is updated at least once every month regarding to the new balance changes or to the new metas in game. There are just too many Artifacts in the game right now and it is why mentioning only the best artifacts is not great for casual and free-to-play players.

I will try to avoid recommending specific Artifacts I would, maybe in the near future. I will give you the Key Stats of them so you can easily understand which ones you should focus on while building up your team. The strongest PvE Heroes will be mentioned.

idle champions best dps

Properties not listed are not critical for success. Heroes not listed are in my opinion not endgame material. Burst: Does a lot of damage early on, often as early as round 1.

Build with speed stone, energy artifact and Growth 3 enable. Crowd Control : Disables opponents stun, etc.

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Build as Burst. Damage: Does a lot of damage. Build with speed stone, speed artifact and Growth 3 enable. Healer: Heals other heroes. Indirect: Does indirect damage.

Block : Does damage or gets buffed by blocking. Build with Block stone and damage reduce artifact. Xia with Vitality 1 enable and Horus with Mightiness 2. Last: gets better over time.

Exclusive: Has a very specific role in special typically cheese teams.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Sorefist View Profile View Posts.

I'm trying to figure out how to best use my blacksmithing supplies. I'm hesitating between Paultin, Shandie, Aila and Melf. They're all similarly geared.

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On one hand I'm tempted with Melf cause his speed boost is improved by gear but on the other i hear so much good about Zorbu don't have yet. Also is it better to dump all on one char or spread the love evenly? Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Ranwyr View Profile View Posts. I would choose a few event characters you can use to push your wall. Soteria View Profile View Posts. I agree that spreading them out a little bit. There's a lot of old-timers here who dumped a lot of contracts on Krond or Farideh or other champs who used to be top-tier dps and now Just go with the event champions you use the most at your wall, IMO.

Phantom View Profile View Posts. Aingster1 View Profile View Posts. Given that Zorbu has been the best Dps for a while now, and endgame 3 year veterans were super sure the games official release would remove him from that spot, given that didn't happen, it will soon.

Idle Champion of Forgotten Realms - DPS Rollercoaster

It's the entire basis in which CNE has based their business plan, sadly.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

idle champions best dps

Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

idle champions best dps

This item is incompatible with Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. I find myself getting busier and busier IRL and have rarely been able to get event formations up in a reasonable time.

PM me or comment if interested.

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This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Guide Index. General Information. Getting Started. Abilities and Specializations Minsc - Arkhan. Time Gates. Sword Coast Formations.

Tomb of Annihilation Formations. Waterdeep Dragon Heist Formations. Liars' Night. Grand Revel. Festival of Fools. Greengrass Nrakk. The Running Catti-brie. The Great Modron March Evelyn. Dragondown Binwin. Founder's Day Deekin. Midsummer Diath.

Aghairon's Day Ishi.However, your role in this game is to assemble awesome teams that can destroy anyone that stands in their way. And when it comes to Idle War, some characters are actually stronger than others, and when used within certain compositions, they can trivialize the game, especially at the beginning. For this reason, we have compiled our own list of the best characters in Idle War: Legendary Heroes.

Phantom Assassin is a 5-star hero that packs a punch, especially for the squishy enemies that like to sit on the rear lines and launch ranged attacks at the group.

Her Master Assassin passive buff makes her an especially deadly champion as she has increased attack, crit chance, and HP, making her an ideal fighter for the frontlines, next to your dedicated tank. Another assassin joins the rank as Dainslef, aside from boasting some of the best single-target damage in the game, also has tons of survivability to supplement his kit. This character has a penchant for dishing out tons of damage, especially the enemies with the least armor, as well as for having quick access to his special skills thanks to his Sword of Rapidity skill, which restores action points every time he gets a kill.

In this sense, Dainslef is like an unstoppable avalanche that only gets stronger as the battle goes on and he racks up kills. This assassin is a formidable force on the battlefield, indeed. Aside from that, his normal attacks also affect a random enemy with increased damage, allowing him to strike two targets at once. Sustained damage is what this character is all about. However, with his increased critical damage and critical chance, he also has the ability to burst down some of the squishier enemies in just a few hits.

While Pharaoh is a priest character, his role is far from actually healing the group. However, he has many powerful buffs that, in the right team composition, can dramatically increase the damage output of the entire team. For instance, his primary attack skill, Entangled Bandages, deals damage to 3 random enemies, while also increasing the critical chance of 3 random allies for 2 turns.

Due to his buffs that considerably increase critical chance and critical damage, Pharaoh goes well with a team of assassins or other characters that can deal lots of damage with basic attacks. While your mileage may vary, both Phantom Assassin and Dainslef come to mind when thinking about who to pair this powerful support character with.

While damage and survivability are obviously crucial for many team compositions, having someone to soak up all the damage is also paramount if you want to survive. And as luck would have it, Storm Guard offers some great tanking ability, as well as awesome self-sustain to keep himself in the fight while your other characters deal with the enemy.

His regular skill, aside from dealing damage to an enemy and all the other units around it, also has a chance of confusing them for 1 turn, temporarily putting them out of commission.

However, his Shield Storm skill is also quite impressive since it allows him to restore HP for every attack he manages to parry.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Idle Heroes Tier List (PvP & PvE)

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 30 comments. Kotli View Profile View Posts. Reason is it the only column that can get calliope and Neyeli and Bruenor buff and have 2 free spots. That is it the same as the diamond formation apart from you got an extra slot and no 4th row. Well maybe put dps in back row might be better but not sure if it worth losing Calliope's buff. Last edited by Kotli ; 14 Nov, am.

Rottenc View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Rottenc ; 14 Nov, am. Compared to Rottenc's screenshot, it's usually best at high levels to replace Hitch by Jamilah or Arkhan, and then put back Hitch in place of Stoki. That might of course depend of the gear you have for them, as that can do a big difference in the final DPS score so you just have to test what works best in your case Quack for brains View Profile View Posts.

All depends on your gear. For me it is Nayeli in front. Bruenor and Jam in 2nd row. Then Cal Celeste and Hitch in 3rd row.

idle champions best dps

Last row is Ty, Stoki, Ash and Makos. Having the 3rd row as your dps row can be handy but only until stuff starts making it to your formation. After that the buff you get from Nayeli is far greater than a 2nd dps.

Indeed, I was at start quite in favor of having 2 DPS on the third row, but when you hit the wall you really need Nayeli's buff that multiplicate for each attacker on her Psylisa View Profile View Posts.

The only way 2 DPS works is if you have more slots in the 2nd row.Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested. Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow.

The holy city of Elturel has been pulled into the first layer of the Nine Hells, and now floats anchored above the River Styx held in place by massive infernal chains.

Guided by Lulu the hollyphant, our Champions rally in the ruins of High Hall, seeking a way to save Elturel's survivors while besieged on all sides by the forces of darkness. Welcome to Avernus Read more on our official blog here. A great cosmic conflict has spilled out upon the prime material plane.

While celebrations to mark the start of spring begin in the quaint Sword Coast town of Triboar, a Githyanki raiding party descents from above, raining destruction.

It's up to the Champions to defend the innocent and figure out what has drawn the attention of the Gith and their Endless War. It's time for Greengrass 3! If you're interested in learning more about what's coming with today's update, you've come to the right place How far would you go to celebrate foolishness?

Festival of Fools is a time honored tradition in Sword Coast communities. Townsfolk engage in the usual gluttonous consumption of food and drink during the festivities, but they also play pranks on each other. Unfortunately, one prankster has decided to play a practical joke on a Frost Giant nearby Beneath the Sunless Citadel an ancient evil stirs. As the Champions descend into the depths, they find themselves hunted by an unknown enemy and faced with unholy horrors.

You've been recruited by a merchant guild in Waterdeep to look into a number of mysterious missing ships over the past year.

The Fair Seas Festival is a good time to look into this as people are quite open about the dangers of the sea, the fury of Umberlee, and so forth. Many people blame Umberlee for the missing ships, but the merchant guild isn't so sure We can arrange that!

You will need to have completed the original adventures in order to unlock these variants. Variants for everybody! You get a variant, you get a variant, and you get a variant! Her merchant friend's caravan is missing. The investigation found only scattered supplies and wreckage along the trail. If there are any survivors, they seem to have been taken into the jungles of Chult After surviving an excursion into Undermountain with a brief trip to Skullport, the Champions have found the Stone of Golor and the secret it contains: the location of the Vault of Dragons!

But the Champions are not the only ones in pursuit of Neverember's lost treasure hoard, and their enemies are in hot pursuit Today's update introduces two new adventures and two new challenging variants to the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign, as well as the first of the updates described in our Idle Champions in Dev Blog: Updated Time Gates!

Best Heroes in Idle Heroes

Deadwinter Day has arrived once again in Longsaddle. While most citizens keep warm in their homes and exchange gifts to celebrate the midpoint of winter with friends and family, the Champions have been hired by the infamous Harpells to patrol the outskirts of town All Rights Reserved.

The characters Arkhan and Chango are trademarks ofInc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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