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He is a wonderful dog, obedient but not subservient with a big prey drive. He is very well balanced and can go anywhere with us. He weighs 85 lbs.

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I wish we could find 10 more just like him. Best dog we've ever had. We are big fans of Cesar. The American Bullador is not a purebred dog.

BullPull American Bulldogs

It is a cross between the American Bulldog and the Labrador Retriever. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses. She weighs approximately 19 lbs. The mother was a pure lb. American Bulldog primarily white and the father was a pure black Lab approx.

She already is showing signs of advanced intelligence and alertness to her surroundings. She eats a good deal, and sleeps a lot! His mother who was senselessly killed by some unknown person was an American Bulldog and his father was a black Labrador Retriever.

Hugo has turned out to be a handful as he is energetic and loves to play. My wife and I fell in love with him the moment he crawled out of the litter pile to greet us. He was 2 weeks old at the time and we had to wait until he was 8 weeks before we could take him home.

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He's not as fast as other dogs, but Hugo easily makes up for this in his strength, as I'm reminded of this constantly when I take him for a walklol.

He is incredibly smart and can sense pretty much anything we do. Hugo is probably the best dog my wife and I ever had and hopefully he is with us for a very long time. Play Dog Trivia! Dog DNA Tests. Hugo as a puppy at 8 weeks old.Many people love Cross breef dogs. Some hybrid dogs are very popular, including some of the English bulldog cross breeds. They are faithful and committed to the family.

The Bull Boxer is a piece of the huge puppy family. Its looks differ and it is characterized formally as a mutt as a result of its blended legacy. The Bullypit, otherwise called the American Bully, is a half-breed that originates from a cross-rearing one thoroughbred pooch Bulldog and Pitbull dog. This Bullypit is a carefree canine who can likewise be defensive.

This Bullypit is a skilled puppy for guarding, dexterity, guard dog, compliance, running, following and focused submission. The Bullypit makes an awesome family puppy, however, might be saved around different puppies and outsiders. The Bullador is an extensive blended breed cross between Bulldog and Labrador Retriever dog breed, known for being loving, forceful, bold, vigorous, inviting, delicate, cherishing, steadfast, fun loving, and defensive.

This dog is portrayed as cherishing which makes him an incredible family, faithful, defensive and vigorous, making him an awesome family pet who loves to play and watchdog. The Beabull is appropriate for families with youngsters, quiet, easy going, and to a great degree neighborly pooch that is committed, wise, adoring, and collected.

These well-disposed puppies are additionally loyal, loving, daring and engaging, however, they can be a touch of test with regards to preparing. He adores to meet new individuals and make more companions, every one of whom can give him more consideration. He is perky and strong having little dread about something. The English Bulldog is well disposed, quiet, and greatly faithful to its proprietor, and has been known to frame solid bonds with youngsters.

This small dog is a hybrid dog and cross between two purebreds. The Free-Lance Bulldog is a medium mix breed and this breed known for being loving, sprightly, gutsy, adoring, steadfast, social, and sweet.

black hybrid american bulldog

This loyal, affectionate breed is extrovert and sociable, a great companion for children, always desiring attention. This breed is good for family pets, but can be scrappy with strange dogs and needs an owner who understands how to correct this behavior. The Bull-Pei is not pure breed is a hybrid dog that results from crossing the two very distinct purebreds. The Bull-Pei is an affectionate, friendly, gentle, intelligent, loyal, playful, protective, quiet, loving and protective dog.

Do you have a beautiful dog? Got some questions? Or some suggestions? Top 10 Crossbreeds of Labrador.

black hybrid american bulldog

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We use cookies to capture information such as IP addresses and tailor the website to our clients' needs. We also use this information to target and measure promotional material. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. The goals and purposes of this breed standard include: to furnish guidelines for breeders who wish to maintain the quality of their breed and to improve it; to advance this breed to a state of similarity throughout the world; and to act as a guide for judges.

Breeders and judges have the responsibility to avoid any conditions or exaggerations that are detrimental to the health, welfare, essence and soundness of this breed, and must take the responsibility to see that these are not perpetuated. When this sport was outlawed in England, the original type of Bulldog disappeared from Britain and was replaced with the shorter, stockier, less athletic dog we now know as the English Bulldog. The original Bulldog, however, was preserved by working class immigrants who brought their working dogs with them to the American South.

Small farmers and ranchers used this all-around working dog for many tasks. By the end of World War II, however, the breed was almost extinct. John D. Johnson, a returning war veteran, decided to resurrect this breed. Because of the many different types of work this breed can do, several distinct lines evolved, each emphasizing the traits needed to do a specific job.

The best known lines are usually referred to as the Johnson and Scott types. Today, however, many American Bulldogs have crosses to two or more of the original lines and are considered to be hybrid in type, with characteristics of more than one of the original lines of bulldogs. They generally have more muscle mass as well.

The modern American Bulldog continues to serve as an all-purpose working dog; a fearless and steady guard dog; and a loyal family companion. The American Bulldog is a powerful, athletic short-coated dog, strongly muscled, and well boned.

Top 10 Unreal Bulldog cross breeds

The body is just slightly longer than tall. The head is large and broad, with a wide muzzle. Ears are small to medium in size, high set, and may be drop, semi-prick, rose, or cropped. The tail may be docked or natural.American Bulldogs are our passion. We have developed a breeding program to produce all around sound American Bulldogs. Our dogs are family raised and great with children.

black hybrid american bulldog

Squirt produced a great litter for us with her first litter. They were large with great type and very functional. Nexus is a huge male off of Vada and Blue. Nexus is very much very similar in type to Luke. Pictures of him below. He is huge and very functional. If you like dogs like our male Luke we are expecting very similar results. Picks will be made in the order based on deposits received.

When we have a confirmed pregnancy we will start going down our puppy list to see if you are still interested in getting a puppy. To get on the list please fill out our puppy list form. We thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our American Bulldogs. We look forward with talking with you. If you are interested in getting a puppy from us in the future we can keep you informed of upcoming litters and status of puppies.

Please fill out the form below and we will get you added to the list. Moo is absolutely one of my favorite American Bulldogs that we have produced. His structure is almost perfect and his temperament is exactly what we want with great manors in public. Absolutely loves people and other dogs. As seen in the picture to the left, he even enjoys getting played with by children while eating a steak bone. Moo has already produced a great litter for us and will continue. Accomplishments for Our American Bulldogs are very healthy with great hips.

They live in loving family homes to provide the best environment.

Winston Salem Dog Training - American Bulldog Puppy Training - Two Jay

We like the look of the big headed, muscular American Bulldog. To keep our dogs healthy and very athletic we outcross to hybrid type American Bulldogs. This improves breathability and function. We never want any dog to be used in dog fighting, any unlawful or inhumane acts. Any person involved in such acts will hopefully get prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If you want to do something fun and competitive with your dogs you should look into weight pulling or agility contests. Facebook RSS. BullPull American Bulldogs American Bulldog Puppies. We will list some of our futur plans as we iron them out.

black hybrid american bulldog

Get on our puppy list If you are interested in getting a puppy from us in the future we can keep you informed of upcoming litters and status of puppies. Male Female Either is fine. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.The Classic Bulldog is usually less guardy and can sometimes be lazy, but when mixed with the standard type can add size and bone which can be more suitable for a particular work function.

This Dog is Out side dog. Not really good for Apartments. But it is great breed for two mixture of to great American Bulldogs. In John D. Johnson branched away from this larger, heavier type of bulldog and created the JDJ Bulldog which was a tall dog with a Standard body type and Bully Head. Because the American Bulldog and its ancestors developed in a time before written records were kept of dog breeding, there is much mystery surrounding its early ancestry.

Although the exact origin of the Mastiff remains unknown, it has surely been present in England for at least two thousand years. The Mastiff was initially primarily used as a war dog and guardian of noble estates, but English farmers quickly discovered that the breed could also be used for agricultural work.

At the time, it was a common practice for English farmers to let their livestock run free on commonly owned land.

The cattle and pigs raised in this manner were half feral and almost impossible to work with. The great strength and massive jaws of the Mastiff allowed the dog to grab a hold of these beasts and hold them in place until they could be collected or killed. Eventually, the agricultural necessity of bull-catching became an incredibly popular sport known as bull-baiting.

In bull-baiting competitions, a bull would be chained to a stake in the middle of a ring or pit. The dog had to hold onto the bull until it ceased fighting, a process that could take over an hour and often resulted in the death of one or both combatants.

Bull-baiting remained one of the most popular sports in England for many centuries.

Top 10 Unreal Bulldog cross breeds

Unfortunately, the Mastiff is not ideally suited to bull-catching. Its large size meant that it had a high center of gravity and was easily forced down by the might of the bull, as well as providing a large area for the bull to gore or kick.

As most mastiffs were bred to spend their lives on a chain, the breed lacked the ideal athleticism. Overtime, a distinct line of bull-baiting Mastiffs were developed that were smaller, more aggressive, and more athletic and energetic than the property guarding mastiffs. These lines were probably distinct for centuries but regularly interbred. As late as thethe renowned dog writer Johannes Caius made no mention of the Bulldog, although he did discuss bull-baiting Mastiffs. This is only that portion of the history of the Mastiff and Old English Bulldog that most pertains to that of the American Bulldog.

For more information on these dogs please see the articles on those breeds. Due to the popularity of bull-baiting, the Bulldog became one of the most popular and recognizable dogs in England.

Bull-baiting never caught on as a sport in America, but these dogs did find plenty of use. Unlike most domestic animals which cannot survive without human protection, these beasts returned to a wild state eventually becoming wild hogs and Cracker and Pineywoods Cattle. These creatures grew long horns and tusks and became extremely aggressive. Initially, the English settlers saw such animals as a valuable source of food, but they quickly became major agricultural pests.

This was financially troubling for large plantation owners whose crops were often worth the equivalent of millions of dollars today but could result in starvation for those families who grew crops to feed themselves.

Old English Bulldogs were almost immediately tasked with hunting and catching wild hogs and cattle in America, just as their ancestors had been doing for countless centuries in England.

Scenthounds were used to locate the animal, and then Bulldogs would be released to catch it and hold on until hunters could kill the animal with knives or subdue it with ropes and chains.

Eventually, most of the cattle were caught and redomesticated, but such was not the case with the hogs. At the time, the Bulldog was the only dog living in the United States capable of hunting hog without a very high likelihood of death; the breed was used extensively wherever hogs were found. Until recent decades, wild hogs were almost entirely limited to the southern states, and working Bulldogs were almost entirely limited to the American South as well although a considerably smaller number worked as catch-dogs on Midwestern farms as well.Carl Semencic.

It was being sold at clearance price so I picked it up to thumb through it. After seeing dogs in it like nothing I have ever heard of, I purchased the book. The dog that impressed me the most was the American Pit Bulldog. Not knowing its name had been changed to American Bulldog. I knew some day I had to own one. Its funny, I had not heard of American Bulldogs and neither he nor I knew that the name American Pit Bulldog had been changed to American Bulldog after the book was published.

My Cousin had bought his foundation dogs from some of the most well know breeders at that time. He had dogs from each style. Crosses of these strains were referred to as hybrids. Later I would get my first AB from him in He was lbs. Some were athletic and some were more like a Mastiff then a Bulldog. The dog I had was more like a Mastiff then a bulldog.

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He was very dominant and was better suited for an estate dog or guard dog then a hunting dog. His litter mate sister was the opposite. Off of him we produced some large protective dogs that were doing very well in Hardest Hitting competitions and personal protection for there owners. I wanted to add a more athletic dog with better over health and prey drive to our dogs so I started looking for American Bulldog lines that were used as Catch dogs.

I started calling all over the country to find such dogs. There was no Internet back then or was there unlimited long distance. Four hundred dollar phone bills were very common back then.

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Everyone had Historical pictures of bulldogs from England and references of these dogs being catch dogs but only a few could provide any kind of proof that their dogs could actually do what they had claimed they could do. I kept them for years before breeding them to also make sure no other genetic problems occurred. By the time I had done all that I realized they the White Bulldogs were different from the American Bulldogs I was seeing, owned or produced.

Both in temperament, size and over all health. At that point I fell in love with the Old Style dogs and decided to just continue those dogs as a pure line. Most breeders would have incorporated them into there hybrid AB line and continued on from there.

Notice I said line. I watched many breeders cross there old style lines into hybrid dogs, bully dogs, performance dogs, as well as other contemporary lines.Excellence is found in the details.

At the forefront of our American Bulldog breeding program is a firm devotion to the health of our American Bulldog bloodlines.

Hybrid American Bulldogs

This devotion is a movement towards progressively improving the health of our American Bulldogs from one generation to the next. We are firm believers of doing our homework. We conduct extensive research of each American Bulldog adult that we enter into our breeding program. We want our American Bulldogs to be confident, loyal, reliable and determined. American Bulldog puppies begin to show their personalities at a very young age and need to be molded and socialized towards a proper demeanor.

Genetics also play a large part in desirable temperaments. Our two pronged approach of socialization and genetic selection have allowed our American Bulldog puppies for sale to score very high on temperament and personality testing.

The characteristic that truly ties everything together for us is the element of companionship. We believe this is a distinct trait. Bruiser Bulldogs. COM subscribe to our rss feed.